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The Anti-Semitic Demo in London – a Moscow’s KGB-Style Psy-Op?

As the readers of this blog know perfectly well, the Kremlin is actively cooperating — sometimes financially — with European far right parties. However, Moscow may also be engaged in even more sinister activities, namely whipping up racial hatred in the West in order to discredit democratic societies that have taken a strong position on sanctions against Russia for its war on Ukraine.
While it cannot be conclusively proven yet, the “anti-Jewification” demonstration that took place in London on July 4th might be an example of such activities. At least, there are sound reasons to suspect exactly this.
The demonstration was organized …read more

Source: The Interpreter

World press about Ukraine

World press about Ukraine

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We can't garantee that this materials is objective and credible.
There is a lot of fake information about Ukraine and Ukrainian events in Russian Mass Media.

All these false photos, videos, articles, interviews are made on order of Russian Government and are the part of information war against Ukraine.