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Creepiest EU Program Yet: Registering Dissent as “Russian Propaganda” Under Soros’ Direction

Russia is the favourite scapegoat for the Western establishment when it comes to its own failures. Ever since Brexit and Trump’s victory, the Western elite has regularly tried to link citizen discontent to “Russian disinformation“, “hackers” or “trolls“, instead of looking at its own policies.

While in the US this took the form of a witch hunt against the Trump administration, in the EU it has taken the form of a “proscription list” of the media that are not enthusiastic enough with the idea of a conflict with the Eastern neighbour.

Under the official purpose of countering “disinformation coming from Russia”, the …read more

Source: <a href=http://russia-insider.com/en/politics/creepiest-eu-program-yet-registering-dissent-russian-propaganda-under-soros-direction target=_blank title=" Creepiest EU Program Yet: Registering Dissent as “Russian Propaganda” Under Soros’ Direction” rel=nofollow>Russia Insider

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World press about Ukraine

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We can't garantee that this materials is objective and credible.
There is a lot of fake information about Ukraine and Ukrainian events in Russian Mass Media.

All these false photos, videos, articles, interviews are made on order of Russian Government and are the part of information war against Ukraine.