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Turchynov: Europe must continue to put pressure on Russia

Ukraine calls on the international community to take further urgent and effective measures to stop Russian aggression.
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said in his speech at the European Conference of Presidents of Parliament “Democracy, sovereignty and security in Europe” in Oslo, the press service of the Verkhovna Rada informs.
“Ukraine is grateful for support of the international community, for strong condemnation of Russia’s military aggression and the imposition of sanctions. However, we call on the international community to take further urgent and effective measures to stop the aggression of Russia, which is a cynical disregard of the fundamental principles and norms of international law,” Turchynov said.
He noted that the cost of a further delay is an increase in the number of casualties, including among the civilian population, responsibility for which rests solely with Russian invaders.
“Hence, an idea of increasing pressure on Russia with new sanctions does not lose its relevance after Minsk. Unstable truce and a forced ceasefire can be replaced with a reliable long-term stability and peace only under conditions of complete withdrawal of regular Russian troops and mercenaries, together with equipment and weapons from the territory of Ukraine, establishment of solid and rigid control of the border between the two countries,” the Verkhovna Rada Chairman said.
Turchynov said that Ukraine considers as a mandatory element of stabilization careful observation by the OSCE mission and other international observers of the withdrawal of Russian troops, weapons and equipment from the Ukrainian territory and prevention of violations of the Ukrainian borders by Russian military.
“We must work together to force the Kremlin to immediately stop the supply of weapons, financing of terrorists and mercenaries and to withdraw Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine. This is the only way to resume peace and stability in Ukraine and beyond its borders” the parliament Speaker summed up.

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