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Putin briefed on collapse of production in Crimea following annexation

Russian President Vladimir Putin was told about the collapse of production in Crimea after the annexation of the Crimean peninsula, according to an UaPosition correspondent in Russia reporting from the Media Forum of regional and local media ”Truth and Justice.”
In particular, Putin was informed of the closure after the annexation of many companies across Crimea and people losing jobs: Crimea Milk company was shut down, while an oyster farm is on the verge of closure as well as a lion sanctuary Taigan, and a pig farm Veres is now going through a liquidation procedure.
Answering the question of how to prevent total destruction of production in Crimea, Putin said: ”We need to develop local production. You take a number of enterprises – they all belong to the agricultural sector. You need to take a closer look at how the significant resources planned to be allocated for Crimea`s development are planned to be spent.”
According to him, it is about hundreds of billions of rubles, to be provided mainly for infrastructure development.
Putin also believes that, for example, shipbuilding in Crimea ”has got a second wind.”
”Agriculture has found itself not in the best position, firstly [it`s due to] restricted power supply… The point is for them to become competitive with major Russian enterprises,” he said.
Putin also pledged that the third line of the so-called energy bridge providing power supply from Russia to the occupied Crimea via cable laid through the Kerch Strait will be launched in a few days, while the fourth one is scheduled to start operating in May.



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