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Coalition and government formation principles announced

Participants in the coalition negotiations from five political parties that passed the five percent threshold agreed on a protocol that envisages the principles of coalition and government formation.
According to the protocol, which was released on November 11, participants in the negotiations agreed that the coalition agreement would contain three sections: general principles, the rules of the coalition’s activity, and areas of activity (content of reforms: short-term (priority) and medium-term), Channel 5 reported.
Under the document, the coalition agreement will be the basis for the program of activity of the future government.
As for membership of the future coalition, the protocol states that Oleh Liashko’s Radical Party and Batkivshchyna All-Ukrainian Union were also invited to participation in the coalition, which is formed by the People’s Front, the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko and Samopomich Union.
“Representatives of the Opposition Bloc political union and MPs who voted for the dictatorial laws of January 16 cannot be members of the future coalition,” reads the document.
In addition, during the consultations the negotiators removed from the document a point that implies that individual deputies may participate in the coalition only under a separate decision of the coalition council. These deputies will not be members of the coalition council.
A participant in the talks, People’s Front parliamentary candidate Viktoria Siumar, said that in order for individual deputies to be able to enter the coalition, they need to join one of the coalition factions.
In addition, the protocol foresees that the governing bodies of the coalition are the coalition assembly and the coalition council.
The coalition council includes three representatives from each faction, and one of them should be the head of the faction.
Each faction in the coalition council has one vote.
“The coalition council approves decisions by three-fourths of the vote. The list of questions the decisions on which are taken by consensus should be determined,” reads the document.
With regard to the principle of the formation of the Cabinet of Ministers, the protocol says: “The prime minister forms the government on the basis of consultations with the parliamentary coalition and is personally responsible for its work. People cannot be appointed to posts under the quota principle.”
The document also says that ministers themselves pick up their deputies.

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