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OSCE police mission in Donbas is problematic at this moment – representative of Ukraine in Minsk process

The representative of Ukraine in the sub-working group on political issues of the Tripartite Liaison Group in Minsk, Roman Bezsmertniy, has said that it will be possible to talk of the prospects of the deployment of the OSCE police mission in Donbas in three to five years.

He said that another meeting of the Tripartite Liaison Group would be held in Minsk Wednesday. Bezsmertniy also noted that the appearance of a police mission in Donbas is problematic at this moment, 112 Ukraine TV Channel reported.

”From my point of view, it is problematic at this moment. I would suggest considering several options. Depending on how the political pendulum and the environment fluctuate, especially in the elections in European countries, the behavior of Russian representatives, particularly Putin, will change. I fully associate perspectives, positive or negative, of such a mechanism on the results of these elections. If the supporters of pro-Kyiv policy and political forces close to the political leadership of Ukraine win, I have little faith in the fact that such an institution can take place. If the victory is for politicians such as Sarkozy, and they enter into an agreement with Moscow, I do not exclude that such an option could be,” he said.

”We can talk about the prospects in three to five years because procedure-wise, it is a very complicated thing. We see that it almost does not work at the UN Security Council. How can it start working in the OSCE system, where the procedure is even more complicated than that at the UN?” the diplomat said.



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